Spiritual Goals



To meditate on God’s word.   

            Study the bible daily: read, outline,  character, word, & topic study, setting, & comments.

            Memorize key scripture verses daily. Memorize character trait scriptures when needed.


To communicate with God daily

            Talk to God: praise, repent, ask,          yield, & supplication. Listen to God. Prayer Diary daily.


To walk with God moment by moment.         

            Walk in the Spirit. Confess sin & ask for power to live righteously.


To share with the lost.             

            Share gospel anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Plan outreaches.


To disciple the faithful.                      

            Pray & study the bible & build relationships with others.


To love my children.              

            Cherish and care for children. Train children.


To “keep” the home               

            Take care of the needs of the home; manage time, money, children, and household duties.


To love my neighbor.             

            Share meal at least once per year. Bring meal to sick. Out reaches: Christmas caroling, Passover.


To honor father & mother      

            Write to family. Remember birthdays and anniversaries.


To keep Sabbath day holy, and to fellowship with believers.

            Labor 6 days & rest on 7th. Dedicate day to fellowship, worship God and minister to others.


To pray for the sick & visit those in nursing homes.

            Pray with the sick in your home, neighborhood, church, etc. Visit the elderly and those who can’t get out of the home.


To give to the poor, needy, widows, & orphans

            Set aside money and give away clothes, food, & household items not being used to those in need. Help orphans & widows.


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