August 11th… Our First Day of School

Today was out first day of school! Not really! Okay, our OFFICIAL first day of school.

We homeschool basically all year around, with many vacations through out, LOL. being a single parent and work in the home, I chose to provide activities for my daughter to do while I am working. I keep her busy with variety of things such as: playing her instrument, giving the dog a bath, praising God through worship and ribbons, reading, and various other activities.

For our morning praise session, we pulled out our ribbons and danced to four praise songs and one worship song.

My daughter started the day with writing the Lord a "praise" letter. She is so fascinated with "El Shaddai". So, today she chose to write the letter and thanked Him for his attributes that live up to His name. Then for personal worship she sang El Shaddai to Him. It brought me to tears hearing her, not that she has a great voice in-tune or anything, but it was her heart.

Today my daughter wrote her key memory verse (Gen 1:1-4) from dictation. This gave me a list to compile Spelling words. Also from the same worksheet, we covered English. We talked about prepositions and she was able to identify all the propositional phrase, prepositions and the object of the prepositions today. We are going to be spending the next four weeks on memorizing the list, that is 10-12 words per week.

I loaded the mis-spelled words from the list compiled above into the computer program, Spelling Made Easy. For the remainder of the week, I will expect her to spend approximately 15 minutes a day playing games in connection with her spelling words. Since she only missed a couple, I threw a few harder words that she struggled with during reading time today.

We have begun reading "It Couldn’t Just Happen." It is a hard read as far as comprehension. But, this only forces us to remember to ask the Holy Spirit for His revelation as we read it because other wiase we wouldn’t be able to get anything out of it! We are collecting data for my daughter to complete a "character" report on "Who is God", due tomorrow and another report on "Theology" due this Friday,

We completed everything on our "To-Do List" except for Geography and music. I do not have the maps in yet. Although I attempted to piece the lesson together, it just wasn’t what I wanted it to be. Therefore, we are holding on on Geography until the map books come in. Music… my daughter couldn’t practice guitar today since she had a broker string. Bummer! Other than that, it went very well!

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  1. homeschoolhighlites says:

    God bless you on your first day back to school – our new school year begins on 8/26.
    Your blog design is very pretty! 😀

  2. Savoring the Shades says:

    Just curious as to what work that you do at home? I am praying that God will show me what I can do to make an income from home. Any ideas help! Thanks!

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