LA Fitness

My daughter (20 yo) use to work for LA Fitness. On the day she picked up her last paycheck they were running a special. It was $40/monthly for a Corporate account, up to two visitors at one time. This allows my WHOLE family in on the fun!!

Let me say this, we took advance of this great deal!!

I was going to sign my daughter up for the local PE classes held by S.A.I.N.T.S. in Southern Florida. Basically, I could take her either in the morning or an all day event where we pack her a lunch and stays the day at the park with these people. The only drawback was the fees. It cost $100/month. I know the Lord would provide as He always has. However, choosing LA Fitness allows momma to join in on the fun too!! Believe me, I need it!! Not necessarily the fun part (LOL) but the exercise part, for sure!!

We spent today close two hours at our local LA Fitness. We spent the first thirty minutes on the treadmill then about 20-25 minutes on the bicycles. Then off the spa for 10 minutes and then the remainder of the time we done laps in the pool.

Tori and I had a wonderful time.

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