Week #2 August 18, 2008 – August 22, 2008

Weekly Log #2

August 18, 2008 – August 22, 2008



Daily: duty roster (chores), read Bible Chapter in Picture Bible,

Wisdom Stretchers-read Proverbs 18 and looked for verse concentrating on “Self-Control.”

Art: banners for God to hang on the wall

Reading: “It Couldn’t Just Happen”

(Easy day, we had preparations for “topical Storm Fay” coming for a visit.)



Daily: duty roster (chores), listened to Bible Chapter in NKJV audio,

Wisdom Stretchers-read Proverbs 19 and looked for verse concentrating on “Self-Control.”

She wrote a persuasive paragraph on the existence of God

Completed creation booklet

Greek/Hebrew Key Word study



Daily: duty roster (chores), read Bible Chapter,

Wisdom Stretchers-read Proverbs 20 and looked for verse concentrating on “Self-Control.”

Greek/Hebrew Key Word study

Math – one lesson

Reading: “It Couldn’t Just Happen”



Daily: duty roster (chores), read Bible Chapter,

Wisdom Stretchers-read Proverbs 21 and looked for verse concentrating on “Self-Control.”

Scripture (quoted from memory with no mistakes) Genesis 1:1-4.

English – memorized first group of prepostions

Math – completed lesson

PE– walk/jog the Jensen Bridge (one mile)

Music – 15 minute guitar lesson

Introduction to Public speaking from Communicator’s with Christ

Science Lab: Three Laws of Motion (http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/K-12/airplane/newton.html) w/ the following experiments:

            Eggs: we took a hard boiled egg and a raw egg and spun them to determine what happens to the egg when you place a finger on the egg to stop the spinning, and then remove your finger quickly. The raw egg continues to move because of the liquid inside is still moving.

            Dominoes: we stacked 6 dominoes high and took a metal ruler, and attempted to knock out the bottom Domino with disturbing the stack.  

            Coins: I taped two rulers on the counter and had 6 pennies. I placed 5 pennies about an inch from the end of the ruler and then I had her took the one penny (then two and three), and hit with force the other pennies in the row.

            Another coin experiment where we placed a stack of coins (nickel, dime, quarter and penny) by size on a piece a paper and she pulled the paper out from underneath to see if she could not move the stack of coins.

For each Science station I created, she then wrote in her journal her hypothesis of what she thought would happen, supplies used, the experiment, the outcome of the experiment tried in various ways, and also which Law applied to the experiment and why she thought so.

Through this lab, I am introduced the beginnings of Science experiments and working with hypothesis, etc. with her. PLUS, my daughter now knows how to tell if the egg is raw or boiled. LOL.


Daily: duty roster (chores), read Bible Chapter in NASB,

Wisdom Stretchers-read Proverbs 22 and looked for verse concentrating on “Self-Control.”

Reading: “It Couldn’t Just Happen”

Math – completed test, she is ready to move onto the next section.

Music – 20 minute guitar lesson. She has the “g” chord memorized very well. We are adding in her next chord. Tori is becoming more comfortable with fingers on the cords.

History – The cuneiform script is first known forms of written expression. Today we stepped back into approx. 3000 BC and took a look at the life of the Sumerians. They were the first known civilization after the flood. These people had or possibly invented the wheel, flushing toilets, irrigation systems, etc… which was discovered through the “Royal Tomb” in the early 1920’s by Sir Leonard Woolley. For a project, I looked up my daughter initials (http://www.upennmuseum.com/cuneiform.cgi) and she created a cuneiform from an air-dry clay tablet that she created.

4-H introductory meeting where we meet the other homeschooler in the group and discussed positions and the requirements for the club. We will be using “Christian Kids in Chemistry.”

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