"Let's Make A Deal" Drama

On November 9, 2008, Victoria was an Israelite spy in Jericho. The story goes…


"Joshua has led the army of Israel to the threshold of the promised land. Two spies are sent to reconnoiter Jericho. As soldiers so often do, they end up at Rehab’s place in a seedy section of town.


The king got word that spies were about and sent messengers to seize them. When they inquired at Rehab’s, she lied. Batting her heavy, false eyelashes, she said, "Sure, a couple of Jewish boys were here earlier, but when the gate was closed, at dark, they left; go quickly, and maybe you’ll overtake them." The king’s men rushed on. Now knowing that Madame Rehab had hidden the Israelites on her roof, Rehab told the spies that she had heard of the mighty works of their God Yahweh, "The Lord your God is indeed God in heaven above and on earth below" (Josh 2:11). All she asked is that the Israelites show her family mercy when they walls of Jericho come tumbling down. Then, while it was still night, Rehab let them down by a rope, tying a scarlet thread to her window to identify her place for the invading Israelites. When Joshua and his army finally entered the city, the folk of the red thread house in the red light district were the only ones spared when the invaders leveled Jericho."


You can read the complete story in Joshua 2-6.

Two Spies in Jericho with Rehab

The play involved the King, two spies, Rehab and the announcer of the TV show.
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