4-H workshop-putting together our 4-H books

Today at our workshop we learned how to properly put together our 4-H books. This important since we never have done it before. Although this is our third year in 4-H, we never had to put together project books before.

Since our 4-H club is a "chemistry" club, our project book is really a "Do Your Own Thing" record book. We took a notebook that had a clear front cover to slip in our own cover page. One the cover page this is what went on it:

On the top right hand corner, we wrote name, age, 4-H level, DIYT, Chemistry. Then, a picture of the student goes in the center.

When opening the notebook, the mission statement, goals, and club verse is one side of the page protector and a "club commitment" on the reverse side.

For Tab #1: "My Intermediate 4-H Project report" form (click here for TYPE IT IN pdf file)

For Tab #2: "Do Your Own Thing" project book form (click here for a pdf file)

For Tab #3: this is the Chemistry section where we will include favorite chapter of each unit out of the "Christian Kids Explore Chemistry" book. This will also include maps and drawings made through the lessons.

For Tab #4: includes the student 4-H story.

For Tab #5: this sention will contain two-pages of pictures of daughter participating in Chemistry "stuff".

I hope these instructions make sense. I have a clearer understanding on something that I thought was SO complex, yet it really is something very simple.

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