Science Fair Project Board

Here are some guidelines to follow:


            Use three-panel display board that unfolds to be 36” tall and 48” wide. (Remember what Mrs. Peggy said about using the size according to the science experiment data).




            Use font size of at least 16 points for text. Use smaller font for caption on pictures, and larger font sizes for titles.


            Organize your information similar to a newspaper. Arrange your experiment information from top to bottom, then left to right. Include each step of your project: Abstract, question, hypothesis, variables, background research, and etc…


            The title should be large enough to read from across the room.


            Use photos and draw diagrams, if applicable. Pictures speak a thousand words! Be sure to include caption to identify the photos and graphs.


            Be sure to follow the rules for the science fair. They might require certain things.


            Use construction paper to add accents to your board.


            Use rubber cement to attach the paper to the display board.



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