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Timeline Color Theme

To spice up your timeline, consider adding color! We use colors to represent the time period and for each subject. It makes for a beautiful pages filling through! Get your child involved in choosing which color they want to make … Continue reading

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Use Games as a Part of Schooling

Games can be an effective part of a child’s learning environment. Some games are more effective than others; while some games are more educational than others. Not all games are good, nor will they have an effective outcome on the … Continue reading

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Make a Timeline

When I first started to think about timelines, I was excited! My daughter was too. There are many things to consider when making a timeline. What kind of timeline will we make? A wall, notebook, sketch book, index cards, etc. … Continue reading

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Paper Size: 8×10 or 11×17?

Which paper size should you use? 8X10 This is the most popular size of majority of timeline notebooks that are made. I can come up with many explanations as to why use this size, but I won’t waste your time … Continue reading

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Timeline Tips

Things to keep in mind BEFORE building your timeline:             The last date on the left page is the same date as the first date on the right page, so there is no gap moving from page to page.             … Continue reading

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What Kind of Timeline Should We Use?

Timelines can be made to best fit your needs. You can make a timeline by using your hallway wall, a display board, poster/foam board, notebooks or even yet with a 9×12 artist sketchbook.   Wall Timelines Over my years of … Continue reading

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Dates to Use/Spacing Increments Per Page

For the wall:  Time Period Date Increments Space Needed Creation allow a total of 20 inches Creation through 3500BC Ancient History allow 3-6 inches of space per 100 years This will be over 10 feet of timeline if you cover … Continue reading

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Start Date of Your Timeline

I start my timeline with the Seven Days of Creation. I do not give them dates as that has not been determined. I believe this is a mystery that God has not yet revealed exact dates. I believe creation Scientist … Continue reading

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How to Make My Own Timeline Figures?

Where do I find my timeline figures online? The best site I have found, and use sometimes is AlternaTime. It has a timeline for almost anything you could be looking for. What I do for personal use, is to find … Continue reading

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Timeline Figures: Make Them or Buy Them?

"Should I make the timeline pieces or should I buy them?" Is the question a hand. PREPACKAGED TIMELINE FIGURES (buying them) PROS Time saver (a biggie) Fancy, nice figures to color in CONS They don’t always have all the figures … Continue reading

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