Make a Timeline

When I first started to think about timelines, I was excited! My daughter was too.

There are many things to consider when making a timeline.

What kind of timeline will we make? A wall, notebook, sketch book, index cards, etc.

What kind of paper should I use? Size?

How should I date the pages?

What date should I start with?

Color? How can I add color to my timeline?

It was these types of questions that kept rolling around in my head. I started to do research. I didn’t realize how many sizes, shapes, kinds, colors they were! Choice, choices, choices… yikes! I soon realized that making a timeline (just to use) was going to be a task to do.

Then, came the question, Do I even need one?

This post isn’t to deter you from making a timeline, but to encourage you to make one! There are many benefits that I found in making a timeline. To read more (click here).

There are SO many ideas on the net. However, before printing the one you think you like, and then turn around and find a better one… why not make your own? That way it is tailored to fit you AND your children!

Click here for a master timeline. This file has two pages: one vertical and one horizontal timeline for your choice. It is in Word document so you can change the colors as you print them out.

How can I change the color of the timeline? Move your cursor over the line until you see the “x”, then right click on it. A pop-up window will come up, click on “Format AutoShape.” In the middle of the box, you will see the “color”, click on the color black. 

Print the number of desired pages onto card stock. Card stock paper is better to use because of its durability.

Now comes the writing in part. Starting at the beginning of time is the easiest. Remember that BC is counting backwards while AD are counting forwards.

The fun part of any timeline is adding pieces to fill in history. You gather the pieces that correspond to what you are teaching in History, Bible, Language Arts, Science, Music, Art, etc… You can add anything you would like to your history line rather it be the author or the invention, or maybe both. It is your choice.

We are now ready to ask another question. Should I make the timeline pieces, or should I buy them?  Click for more details.

How do I make my own timeline figures?  Here comes one of the biggest reason why I love timelines! Making them yourselves! Yes! Let the creative juices flow… and by year’s end you’ll be AMAZED at what your children can do!

Things to Add to Your Timeline
Put on your thinking cap. Get your creative juices a flowing. Your imagination is your only limit!
What kind of things can you add to your timeline?
Drawings, narrations, outlines, reports, summaries, papers, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage license, clip art, photographs, maps, travel souvenirs, art prints, Church history, battles, war, people, events, inventions, music and art, poems, family history, travel, clothing, weapons, famous quotes, on and on …
These items can be put into page protectors and put in order of the timeline.

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