Paper Size: 8×10 or 11×17?

Which paper size should you use?


This is the most popular size of majority of timeline notebooks that are made. I can come up with many explanations as to why use this size, but I won’t waste your time in reading it nor the space needed for this posting.

An idea I read about but haven’t tried yet it o add by taping another piece to the side of your page similar to an accordian style-fold used in lapbooking. This sounds very interesting because you can add possibly larger drawings, essays, etc that the child wants to keep. It is a good thought, one I must consider.

However, I do want to introduce to yo uthe idea of using 11×17 paper for timelines.


By using the 11×17 paper, you can create “pockets” to add things to your notebook.

When printing, only use one side.

Fold approximately 7 7/8” from the left and 9 1/8” from the right, allowing you an inch of each margin for holes. 

When folded, the holes will stick out and this makes for a nice pocket to add extra sheets, if needed. By doing this, you can save room on your timeline with longer explanations that can be easily added to the back.

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