Start Date of Your Timeline

I start my timeline with the Seven Days of Creation. I do not give them dates as that has not been determined. I believe this is a mystery that God has not yet revealed exact dates. I believe creation Scientist have gotten close, but exact. This post isn’t about “when” time started, but about giving your timeline a starting point. It is important for your children have a starting point, what other point

On my first double-page as the header, I have written:

                                     “IN THE BEGINNING”

(If you are using vertical notebooks, then consider adding this header on the first page.) This goes along with Scripture because in Genesis 1:1 when it states, “In the beginning…”

Many timelines that are already generated or pre-printed will begin with 10,000BC, 6,000BC, 5,000BC, 4,000BC or even 3,000BC. There it is hard for to suggest someone else’s work when it comes to using their timelines. Therefore, I suggest you create your own pages.

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