Timeline Color Theme

To spice up your timeline, consider adding color! We use colors to represent the time period and for each subject. It makes for a beautiful pages filling through!

Get your child involved in choosing which color they want to make it.

Be sure to add a "KEY" to the front page of your timeline for reference.

These are only suggestions:

Pre-Historic (Creation through Flood) – green
"Flood to 3500 BC" – green

Ancient Civilizations (3500BC to 400 AD)yellow

Medieval History (400BC to 1600AD)-blue

Renaissance or the New World(1600-1850)-purple

Modern World (1850-2050)- orange

Another opportunity to add color to your timeline is through subjects. Trace the timeline piece in the appropriate following colors. By doing this, it will help you to study for test.

For subjects:
Science- red
Art- lt blue
Nature Study-brown

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