Timeline Tips

Things to keep in mind BEFORE building your timeline:

            The last date on the left page is the same date as the first date on the right page, so there is no gap moving from page to page.

            The right margin needs to be wider to accommodate for the holes for a three ring binder.

            Remember your BC dates counts backwards and your AD dates will count forward.

            You can always tape in an accordian style paper fold to add in additional room to your pages.

            Add in paper protectors in your three-ring binder to hold the bigger, bulkier kinds of stuff such as essays, larger drawings, etc.

            If you chose to put the Bible in chronological order, then consider adding one page per chapter of the Old testament and New Testament. If you do not have a chronological Bible to use, then click the following websites to help putting Bible events in chronological order.

Old Testament in Chronological Bible

New Testament in Chronological Bible 

Other Tips:

1. Dip your picture into tea and allow it to dry. Then, burn the edges to give give your piece an antique look.

2. Use all means of art ie.. colored pencils, markers, chalk, pastels, charcoal, calligraphy, white paper, colored paper, maps, tracing paper, crepe paper, tissue paper, stickers etc.

3. Use memorabilia from field trips.

4. Stick people are fine! Use this time to teach your child how to add meat to the people.

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