Use Games as a Part of Schooling

Games can be an effective part of a child’s learning environment. Some games are more effective than others; while some games are more educational than others. Not all games are good, nor will they have an effective outcome on the child. The parents need to analyze, develop, implement and evaluate the games that are best effective for the child’s learning.

Mixing games in with curriculum is much more likely to be successful than just playing games. Understanding what types of games promote desire learning outcomes. For example:

  • Arcade-style games are good for improving speed of response and visual processing.
  • Adventure games are useful for endorsing hypothesis testing and problem solving.
  • Jeopardy-style games encourage a quick draft of facts, labels, concrete concepts.
  • Card games promote memorization, concept matching, pattern recognition.

Another option to playing games could be critiquing the game. This allows the student to expand and explore not only the subject at hand but how the game is structured.

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