What Kind of Timeline Should We Use?

Timelines can be made to best fit your needs. You can make a timeline by using your hallway wall, a display board, poster/foam board, notebooks or even yet with a 9×12 artist sketchbook.
Wall Timelines
Over my years of homeschooling, I have tried each of them. When I first started homeschooling we did a wall timeline in our dining room. The house we lived in at that time had the dining room very visible from the front door. I had many compliments on it. Also, this brought many dinner conversations and review games during dinner time. (loads of fun!)
I loved it because it was very visual. I also believe having a wall timeline helped my daughter to “connect the dots” through the years. With every subject we studied, we were able to add a total of three to five pieces each week.  
It was very nice. I cut 1” strips of colored paper and taped them done onto a foam board. Then I hung the foam boards in our dining room. When we moved, one of the boards was damaged when we were taking them down. Keep this in mind… if you are in a permanent location then this would be the ideal timeline!


Notebook Timelines
This version is usually three-hole punched with the date in the top left and top right hand corners.  These are added into a three-ring binder for more flexibility. You can always add pages and pockets to your timeline book. Just think, if you make a mistake you can always rip it out and replace it!
Vertical verses Horizontal Format: is a personal preference. 

            Vertical offers the full page for placing figures. Usually the timeline runs across the top of the page allowing the child to utilize both sides of the paper.

             Horizontal pages are done one side of the paper. This allows the child to remove from the binder and place them side-by-side for a “bigger” picture look.

Sketchbook Timeline
As the same theory of the three-ring binder but this is spiral bound. This does make for a nicer look when “showing off” your child’s work. The only draw back I saw using this was I couldn’t add pages into the bounded sketch book.
Sewing/Display Board/Poster/Foam Board Timeline
My first year of homeschooling was my first “introduction” to timelines. In our Mystery of History co-op class we used a display-board. This was very nice and portable.

Index Box
Though this is a good idea, I don’t see the benefits from using this type of timeline. The cards are filed into a box that the child never sees. Granite you can hang a string from one side of the school room to the other and clip the cards in chronological order. Even though it does osund like a lot of fun, but in my reality world it just wouldn’t fly.

You have to decide on which kind of timeline will work best for you and your family.

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