Why Should You Make a Timeline?


  • Kids (mom, too!) are able to visualize all history into perspective.
  • Great for all skill levels.
  • Brings excitement to the children about learning people and events through time.

o                               Appeals to all learning styles:
             Visual: see events that are verbally taught
             Auditory: talk about point in history when adding the figures
             Hands- On: enjoy making figures to place onto timelines

  • It’s a more excellent way to put lessons together in order and to constantly review history!
  • Children see and understand the flow of events.
  • Your timeline can be become a ‘showroom’ for family and friends.
  • It produces a REAL item that makes sense to the student. It can replace the meaningless work     (busyness)
  • It encourages skills needed to learn for life.
  • Easy to review and narrate to dad when he gets home.
  • The best way to learn dates with details AND ideas.

o       A timeline works with all approaches and with all curriculum!

o       Helps everyone involved to
             Shows you what has been covered and what needs to be covered
             Use as a review tool
              An awesome portfolio/record of studies
              You can visualize what is being taught

One of the biggest advantages is that you don’t have to worry about missing something in order. You will never be able to teach it all. But, you can give the overall picture of people and events throughout the years!
For children, timelines are not for pulling together the scattered pieces of knowledge, as they do so well for adults; children haven’t yet collected enough pieces to pull together. What timelines do for children is to provide a framework into which they can put pieces of knowledge as they learn them. For this framework purpose, timelines should be very simple—so simple that children can memorize them.” ~ Ruth Beechick

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