Online Lesson Planner, Scheduler, and Tracker

Homeschool Skedtrack is a FREE online lesson planner, scheduler, and tracking system rolled into one. The heart of the system is the automated scheduling of activities that frees you from the headache of rescheduling everything once an activity/lesson is missed.

The whole system is a personal virtual school that features:

  • easy record keeping from K-12 for each student
  • worry free data back-up
  • access of your virtual school from anywhere around the world
  • secure access of information between the server and the user’s browser using secure socket layer (SSL) just like online banking
  • flexible scheduling of your child’s activities/lessons per year, per month, per week or as you go
  • automated display of daily home school activities/lessons per course
  • automated tracking of total number of hours/days completed
  • scheduling and tracking of field trips
  • scheduling vacations and declaring holidays
  • a school calendar for each student
  • a resource list per course
  • tests recording
  • automated grade calculation
  • report card generation in pdf format
  • transcript generation (coming soon) in pdf format
Note: I started using this a few weeks ago, and I LOVE it!! I wanted to share it with everyone.

This is an area that my Lord is working on me in. I use to be “Mrs. Corporate America” where I had my planner in one hand, cell phone in another…. you get the picture….. always on time and a stickler when I was going to be late, etc… The Lord set me free form all of that. The burden and the stress was lifted off of me when I put my planner down.

But, I know in schooling we need a list of things to accomplish. So, I thought a PLANNER would be PERFECT! Wrong! After weeks of trying, putting it down and then trying again. I was getting frustrated filling out schedules and then find that some things didn’t get completed, therefore that threw it to the next day and so on, and on…. by Friday came, we always played “catch up”. Which wasn’t fun because it became too much stress. I have come to the realization that planners aren’t for me and my family at this time!

Anytime I have stress in my life, it is because I have stepped outside of my Lord’s protection/covering (outside of His will in that area of life). Stress isn’t from Him. Yet, I know I have to keep ourselves on track so I know what has to get done. The Lord reminded one time while in His Presence about my old business partner who was a stickler to have a “To Do List”.

Since then, I use “To Do List”. I write out my list each morning, and I take it to the Lord and ask Him what is important and what is not. Sometimes, there are things that I can not do one day but have to wait a couple of days before doing them. Since I have been set free, this is OK because I know that is what the Lord wants.

This is an example of how to walk in the Spirit in scheduling your day!

With this new virtual online tracker, if we don’t get something done in one day, it automatically reschedules for the following day. Praise God!! I love it, I can access from my computer while my daughter can access it from her computer! Awesome!

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