Archery Games

My daughters loves Archery! Since no one in our county taught archery, I stepped up to the plate to become an Archery 4-H Leader. This allows my daughter the opportunity to shoot. Also, there are many unclaimed college scholarship for girls in archery.

Here is a list of games that were given to us at training. I do not know where the list originated from or created them. They are a lot of fun and gives the archer challenges throughout their game.

Shooting for Team Points

Students will shoot five arrows per turn keeping the point value of the arrow with the highest points. Each team keeps an add-on tally of points until entire line has had a turn. The team with the most points may win a treat. Point value for example:

  • Bullseye=100 points
  • Red Circle=50 points
  • Blue Circle=25 points

Tic-Tac-Toe Archery

Students will shoot five arrows per turn at a tic-tac-toe board drawn on the target face. Students will try to shoot three arrows in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. If a student successfully hits tic-tac-toe, they win a treat!

Balloon Pop

Students will shoot four arrows at six or seven balloons placed on target face by teacher. Each time a student pops a balloon, their name is entered in a drawing to win a soda pop at the end of class. Balloons are replaced as they are popped.

Treasure Hunt

A treasure map is drawn on a large piece of paper and pinned to the target. The map is divided into numbered squares and a non-archer chooses a square and writes this number secretly onto a piece of paper that is sealed in an envelope; this is where the treasure is. Archers shoot one arrow each at the treasure map, with the archer that is closest to the ‘treasure square’ winning a prize.

Fun Shoot

Target faces can be anything with multi pictures, cartoons, advertising (supermarket sales etc.) Film posters. The individual targets,4-5 on the face are recorded on the score sheet. All arrows have a value, misses included. Bouncers class as a miss. Line-cutters; make you own decision before the shoot. Scoring: This is where the fun comes into it, make a list of values 5,10,15,20 & -5,-10,-15,-20. These values are then pulled out of the hat at the end of the shoot.

There is no set distance, anything from say 10yds-20yds (remember, young archers love this & may not achieve the greater distance)use as many bosses as required

If all archers bring a wrapped prize, everybody wins…the last prize could well be the most valuable.


An archery variation on Monopoly involves pinning chance and community cards to the target face. Archer shoots to try and hit these cards, which have positive or negative scores on. They might say things such as “You have scored a personal best! Award yourself 20 points” or “You miss the target, damaging one of your arrows. Lose 20 points”.

Picture Shoots

Pictures are drawn on a large piece of paper and stuck to each target face. The picture should be simple, using 5 different colors, with each color being assigned a score (9, 7, 5, 3, 1), depending on how frequently it appears in the picture. Archers shoot as normally, except when scoring.


Instead of shooting at a FITA target face, archers shoot at an enlarged dartboard target face, which can be purchased from most archery dealers. Normal dart rules apply, with archers being divided into teams and taking it in turns to shoot at the target. After three arrows have been shot, they are collected and the score recorded.

Four in a Row

Archers shoot at a 4-by-4 board drawn on a large piece of paper and pinned to the target face. They compete head-to-head, shooting in turn, and must try to get arrows in four consecutive squares (vertically/horizontally/diagonally) before their opponent. This can also be done as a team game or a competition between more than 2 archers.

Archery Trivia

Questions or terms on the index cards that were discussed and/or defined on the first day of the archery unit in the classroom. Students will shoot four arrows each turn at index cards that have been pinned on the target face (approximately five or six cards per target). The index cards contain questions pertaining to archery on the back. Students that hit a trivia card and correctly answer the question wins a treat (miniature candy bar works like magic).

Sample trivia questions:

  1. What type of bow uses pulleys?
  2. Name one joint that moves when drawing the bow.
  3. What is the fletching?
  4. Define index vane.
  5. How does bow poundage equate with shooting distance?
  6. Name a famous archer.
  7. Where is your anchor point?
  8. What method of bracing is used in class?

Box shoot

Put boxes (Clorox bottles or cereal boxes) out at various distances on the range.

Pop Shoot

Staple pull-tab rings from drink cans to target face. Each time an arrow passes through the ring, allow a drink discount or some other prize at the store – clear with camp director prior to offering the activity.

Field shoot

Draw designs (geometrical or animal) on the solid cardboard sides of boxes are good, and tape in such a way that they sit up on a wire.

Archer Golf’

Place a rubber ball on a wire, stand at varying distances and shoot.


Layout target (a much larger one — at 48 feet across) on ground 75 to 100 yards away and shoot up into the air letting arrows fall on target to score. (This is a lot of fun but even with a light-weight bow, the arrows travel very far so be prepared to chase them over 125 yard away). PLAN SAFETY — make sure the additional area needed is clear.

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