Viritual Field Trips

Take a field trip without leaving your home!!

Virtual field trips can transport you and your child to a far away places such as NASA, in Egypt for a dinosaur dig or to a national museum… all of these places, and more without leaving your home!

Field trips expand a child’s mind through active hands-on experience with the resources of the local community. Field trips increase student knowledge and understanding of a certain subject and add sensibleness to the topic at hand.

Lets take a look at virtual field trips as they differ from REAL field trips. Virtual field trips involve active learning, kids having the opportunity to interact with other children, it mental takes the child out of the "classroom" setting.

Virtual field trips can be repeated over and over without the expense of real field trips. You can also travel at your own speed and explore more in depth. Virtual field trips are safe and it takes you places where you might not be able to go otherwise.

There are many advantages to Virtual Field Trips.

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