The reason we no longer participate in drama…

Right before Christmas, the Pastor gave a sermon and mentioned the real definition of what a hippocrite was. Well, this start a new trail for us. Victoria heard the Pastor, and was convicted on not participating any longer on the drama team. Victoria wants to be real! She doesn’t want to conceal her feelings or motives and she felt by ‘play acting’ doesn’t give her the oppurtunity to be HERSELF in these roles, therefore she chose not to be a part of it.

From Wikipedia:

Hypocrisy (alternately spelled hypocricy in American English), is acting in a manner contradictory to one’s professed beliefs and feelings, or conversely, expressing false beliefs and opinions in order to conceal one’s real feelings or motives.

The word hypocrisy derives from the Greek ὑπüκρισις (hypokrisis), which means "play-acting", "acting out", "feigning, dissembling" or "an answer". The word hypocrite is from the Greek word ὑποκρßτης (hypokrites), the agentive noun associated with υποκρßνομαι (hypokrinomai), i.e. "I play a part." Both derive from the verb κρßνω, "judge" (»κρßση, "judgement" »κριτικÞ (kritiki), "critics") presumably because the performance of a dramatic text by an actor was to involve a degree of interpretation, or assessment, of that text.


We did finish the Christmas play as her vow of making a commitment of taking the lead role is worth a lot… according to God, it is better not to vow then it is to vow and not do it…

Hindsight NOTE: Victoria made the decision to give up something that she loved doing for God. I saw the struggle she was in and the decision she made. I offered no advice, unless she asked me. The Lord told me to "remain silent", therefore I spent my time on my knees asking the Holy Spirit to show her the TRUTH… because honestly, I couldn’t understand her conviction because the joy I saw her getting out it blinded me. I am in awe of the Lord, and what He has done in her… it is nothing that I have done but Christ in me and in her… 

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