Olympic Games

For two years, I ran the "Olympics" for our AWANA’s and for our homeschool co-op PE Track and Field Days. We had a lot of fun!

Basic Instructions:
Assign "countries" as teams. Buils teams according to number of kids. Be sure to evenly divide the little ones with the bigger ones.

Point System:
First Place = 3 points
Second Place = 2 points
Third Place = 1 Point

Outdoor Games

Running race:
Hurdles:rows of sticks to run over
Javelin:longest throw of cardboard tube
Discus:longest throw of Frisbee
Shot-put: longest throw of cricket ball
Long jump

Indoor Games

Rowing: little kid in box, pushed by big kid
Horse-riding (races): little kid jockey, big kid on hands and knees
Weight lifting: 2kg leg weights over palms & wrists; most lifts in 30sec; must have palms up, arms straight; go below waist & above shoulders
Beam: do own routine along chalk line on floor marked on difficulty, creativity, balance
Gym (floor): do own routine in marked area on floor such as somersaults, rolls, handstands, supports marked on difficulty, creativity, use of floor space
Bowling: [roll softball to knock down 2-liter bottles of liquid]

Award Ceremony ideas:

Go the day after memorial Day, and Fourth of July to get your "Red, White and Blue" items on clearance such as plates, napkins, table clothes, etc…

Give Olympic Game metals to winners. Can find them at Dollar Tree, Dollar Store or even Oriental Trading. Make it fun for everyone by having a "participation" award (ribbon) and something special for each level of winners.

Other Race Ideas:

Relay race of a boiled egg on spoon is always great amongst the kids, Jump roping relay race; Three-legged races.

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