Robert Boyle – Chemist Report


By: Victoria Hamm

Robert Boyle was born in 1627, at Lismore Castle in Ireland. He was the fourteenth child of Sir Richard, the wealthy Earl of Cork, and Lady Boyle. His parents provided young Robert with the best education available in seventeenth century England.

Indeed, Robert was fortunate to have the richest man in Great Britain for a father. For his mother and father believed that the best up bringing for young children, up to the time they began their education, could be provided away from their parents. Robert was sent away to be brought up in the country while his father continued to aim for higher and higher political success.

Robert was 8 years old when he was sent to England to study at Eton College in 1635. The College was well known place where important people sent their sons. Eton College was founded by King Henry VI almost 200 years earlier, and they had private tutors. While Robert was in England, he stayed with John Harrison. Robert writes that his strong passion to acquire knowledge came from Harrison.

Robert had the understanding that the world around him was created by God Almighty. His mind was determined to know more about the Creator and the works of His world. At the age of 16 year-old Robert was lucky to work with Galileo Galilee in Italy.  Galileo is the astronomer who open the way for us to get a better picture of the universe.  This relationship provided a driving force for Robert to discover even more about God’s world.

Boyle understood that if anything were to be done about improving science, he would have to start by doing something himself. While only 18, he became one of the founders of a college in London. He dedicated himself to chemistry through observation in research. 
Boyle was a devout Christian and a wholehearted student of the Bible. In fact, he felt a great need to study the Scriptures in their original languages to gain better understanding of them. He even paid for and watched the translation and publication of the Bible into Irish language.

In 1691 the year before his death, Boyle published the most important work he call The Christian Virtuoso.  This book explained that the study and dominion of nature work given to man from God. In Genesis 1:28 is the basis of the command given by God.  In this verse is where God the Creator blessed the first man and woman and them to be fruitful and multiply, to fill the Earth and subdue it, and to rule over the fish of the sea, and the birds of the sky, and over every living thing that moves on the Earth.
Modern chemistry owes enormous thanks to the work and writings of Robert Boyle—a creation scientist whose God’s love and truth led him to overcome the chief mistake of alchemical theory which were holding back the growth of truly scientific chemistry.

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