Spice Up Your Dominoes

Are looking for something that will add spice to your set of Dominoes? The following games can be played with your set of Dominoes or my with set of DomiDots. 

Patience (One-Player Game) 
From DominoRules.com

Requires: Double Six DomiDots to play.
Object of the game: To have all tiles turned face up in 7 or less vertical rows.
    Keeping the tiles facedown, place them in 7 rows. The first row contains 7 tiles; the second row contains 6; and so on, each row containing one less tile and the last row containing only one tile. Then, turn the far left tile of each horizontal row face up.
    Choose the way you will turn tiles over from facedown to face up and use that method consistently throughout the game.
    Move the face up tiles from one row to another, placing matching end to matching end, without turning the tile around.
    Any time you have a facedown tile at the end of a row (this happens after you have moved a face up tile in order to make a play), you should turn this tile face up.
    In the course of the game you may end up with less than 7 vertical rows. If this occurs, it is permissible to move a tile or a full or partial horizontal row of matching tiles, in order to form another vertical row. At no point in the game, however, should there be more than 7 vertical rows. 

Here are links to rules for additional games that you can play with your set of DomiDots or Double DomiDots.

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You don’t have a set of DomiDots? Don’t fret. Here they are!!

DomiDots Single Set

DomiDots Double Set

For Math worksheets to use with your DomiDots or Dominoes, click here.

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