How to Do a Hymn Study

Select one hymn every month to sing together until you’ve learned every stanza.

The first week is great to introduce the hymn and the words to the first stanza. Concentrating on the first stanza.

The second week is great to concentrate on the second stanza while learning about the history of the song.

The third week is great to concentrate on the third stanza while learning about the author of the hymnal. Depending on the age, have your child fill out a biography page of the author.

The fourth week is great to concentrate on the fourth stanza, reviewing the complete song, song history and hymnal writer.


1.  If you have the CD (mp3 download) of the hymn, then play it during copywork, lunch, snack, coloring time, and even driving, etc… Using the hymn as background will help the kids to learn the stanza quicker.

2. Copywork for each week can be the stanza you are concentrating on.

3. If the child learns the song quicker, then move on. Move with the child’s learning abilities. I know for several songs, we went through the complete song in two weeks. This is because she knew the stanzas of the song for the most part so we concentrated on the song history and the hymnal writer. Flow with your children’s abilities, don’t try and put them in a box.

4. Hymns are excellent to use for recitation, narration, and dictation.

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