Volunteer Hours at the County Fair

Victoria worked 10 hours in the animal barn. Her duties including making sure all the animals had feed and water, removing the eggs from the hens cages, removing the bedding out from underneath the cages.



For the 4-H Archery club, Victoria volunteered four hours everyday, for a total of approx. 40 hours) to sit at the booth and to recruit new members into the 4-H Archery Aces. By the end of the fair, we ended up with approximately 40 new people who stated they were interested. This is awesome! We will have enouh kids to start tournaments in Southern Florida!

(I don’t have one picture of Victoria sitting at the booth. So I included a picture of another family volunterring. This is what our fair booth looked like).

Check out the quiver (holds the arrows) on the back table (green tablecoth). See the one to the far left? That is my daughters! Yes, that’s right. She "bedazzled" it. LOL. She painted in black and then hot glued jewels all over it with her nickname "Tori".


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