Mets Ballgame

     We got free tickets for tonights ballgame when we help to "Keep Port Saint Lucie Beautiful".


     My daughter was thrilled!! She loves baseball. It is her dream to play again. I have reservations about playing baseball. She played baseball for years when her dad was with us, from tee-ball to Little League. She still remember the fun… and so do I.


     We got the best seats in the house!! Right behind home plate!! Awesome favor from God!!

     After the ball game, the kids got to run the bases. Victoria had a such a wonderful time running the bases.

     I believe baseball is a competitive sport! Hence, the reason for my reservations of not letting my daughter play the game. 

     "The basis for sports is that we have fun as we compete against others with the goal to defeat them—this results in me being number one and my opponent being the loser. Sports are all about winning and making someone else the loser. My rival is crushed in defeat so I can be the best." ~ Steve Maxwell

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