A Prayer Tree

Prayer Tree—A Faith Builder

A Prayer Tree is a tool for a family to use to show God’s faithfulness. It has many benefits to spiritual growth that you will begin to see in yourself, as well as in your children.

Make one and place it in your family room or by your kitchen table. It can be used as an evangelism tool as you share with visitors to your home how God has answered your prayers, and don’t forget to offer to pray for their special needs.

The Prayer Tree will help you:

• To remember to pray.

• To see God working in our lives and the lives of others.

• To remember His past blessings—count them “one by one” when you feel defeated.

• To remember to thank Him for each trial.

• To remember not to worry about the cares of the world.

• To know why we need His Word to stand on.

• To build your faith and your children’s faith.

To assemble: You’ll need a poster board, construction paper, scissors, glue, and markers. Then explain the following to your children:

1. Flower—“Prayer Request.”

Write one request on each flower. (Include the prayer requests of family and friends.)

a. Every fruit begins as a flower.

b. On the request make sure you include the date.

2. The Sun—“Son of God.” Write Jesus, Lord or Son on the sun.

a. The Son gives us light and strength.

b. Without the Son, we (the tree) will die.

3. Clouds—“Satan.” Write on each raindrop the trial or affliction that your family is experiencing.

a. Rain is necessary for growth and it is only temporary!

b. Rain could be: finances, illness, things that are broken, lost or stolen, a job, or relationship problem.

c. In life we have trials, tests, and temptations that help us to seek the Lord.

4. Weeds—“Sin in our life.”

a. Repeated sin—when we don’t pull it out at the roots.

b. Unconfessed sin.

c. Worries in our life.

d. All the things that will choke out the blessings.

5. Fertilizer—“Scripture.” Write Scripture verses on the grass area.

a. Gives strength to the tree.

b. God’s Word is our strength.

c. It’s at the root and foundation of our faith.

6. Fruit—“Answered Prayer.” Write on each fruit God’s answer to your prayer.

a. You have to wait for fruit to come in its “season.”

b. God says you will know us by our fruit.

c. You will see how He blesses you beyond what you have even asked.

d. Date the flower and the fruit to see how we must learn to “wait on the Lord”!

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