Dinner Conversation Starters

I know there is a time for laughing and joking, a time for silliness, and time for goofiness. But there is also time for touching each others heart. I have a vision seeing my family sitting at the dinner table discussing things together, you know REAL stuff!

There are days that my brain is unable to function. There are days that I am mentally exhausted from homeschooling while I am working can be challenging, very challenging. However, the Lord is refreshing me because He is giving me a taste of how my efforts are being paid off by showing me good things in my daughter while she interacts with others. This is a GREAT reward for me! At times, I get off on rabbit trails, so I apologize.

Back on track… our family have had great family dinner conversation together and then there are days that we sit quietly looking at each other because we are all too exhausted. For those exhausting days, I purpose that you put on some soaking music, or classical musical piece you are listening to that week.

At times, I need help to get the conversation going. This is what I am wanting to share in this post. I want to share some questions that are “excellent dinner conversation” with your family.

What makes a good friend?

Tell me about the last dream you remember. (This is a good time to make it is written in the your Bible notebook. Also, ask the Lord for the meaning of the dream. I believe God speaks to us through dreams as He did in the Bible so many years ago)

What is God saying to you today?

What are you thankful for today?

Has God shown you a bad habit that we should be working on?

If you have already tried these questions or for FRESH questions that are applicable to your own family situation then pray and ask the Lord to anoint your lips for dinner-time conversation.

I would suggest any question that you ask to start the conversation would be a good time to speak about Biblical principles pertaining to that subject. This is what Duet speaks of us to do.

When conversation stops rolling, then I ask the Holy Spirit what I should share. Normally, it will be a story that happened while as a little girl. I always bring God into the story as I preceived Him to be their. These stories are what REALLY gets my girls and I drawn into one another. I always ask if the girls can relate to the story and then it is their turn to share what is one their mind.

On the long trip from Ohio to Florida, we were actually playing the alphabet games of animals, food, names, places, and then we done Bible. We had so much fun doing the Biblical alphabets. At the end, my 12 year old goes, “WOW mom!! I didn’t know that I knew that much about the Bible!”

The game we played was that each of us had to come up with a “Biblical principal/statement” that can be found in the Bible. We had more fun with the Bible alphabets than the other various games we played!

Oh darn, that was another rabbit trial! I am believing there is a reader who needs this information hence the reason I wrote it….

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