Gift Ideas- Scripture Pictures

One of the coolest gifts you can give another is the Word of God! The best way to do that is make “Scripture Pictures.”

They are VERY easy to make!

Equipment needed:

Computer w/ internet

Color Printer

1 sheet of Card Stock/Picture Paper

A graphic/picture from internet

Favorite Bible Verse

Find a picture on the internet that best describes the Bible Verse that you will be using. I think some of the most beautiful pictures can be found at the Hubble website.

How do I get the Scripture on the graphic?

I don’t have expensive software or anything like that. What I use is Microsoft Word and that’s it!


Paste graphic/picture into Word. Double click on the picture and the “format picture” window will open. Click on the “layout” tab, and click on the ‘behind text’. Then, click OK. The format window should be gone.

Open the Toolbar that offers the “text box” and click on it. Create a text box and place over the picture. Click on the text box, and right-mouse click on it. A “format text box” will open up. On the “layout” tab, click on “in front of text”. Then, click on the “colors and lines” tab. Under the “fill” section, move the transparency bar to 100%; under the “line” section change the color to “no line.” Click OK.

At this point, you should have a text box that you you can’t see except for the invisible border of box. Click inside of text box and add Scripture. Change the font colors to compliment the picture and size font needed.

Your picture is now ready to print and insert into desired picture frame.

I will say for the best quality, I would recommend using Pro or Shop or another software program that is able to manipulate graphics and to produce the quality that you desire. But, this works if your little wants to give their dad or grandparents something for Christmas. Get the kids involved by allowing them to chose the picture to use.

I made examples smaller than normally would. Can you imagine these printed out to fit in a 8.5 x 11 picture frame, or even larger?

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