How Do I Speak Blessings Over Someone?

According to Brain Howe, this is how you speak the blessing over others…

  • Be Specific – Don’t generalize your thoughts…ie.”you’re so generous” – Give examples of when you have seen that person be generous and the impact it has made on your life.
  • Speak Boldly – Look the person in the eyes, don’t mumble…don’t stop speaking even if it get’s a little awkward. Trust me it will get awkward because people aren’t used to people speaking to them in such a positive and specific way.
  • If Possible, Do it Publically – It is amazing to watch the trickle down effect of speaking the blessing in public, whether it be around the table today or in a meeting at work. To watch others then pick up where you left off and praise the person you are speaking to is powerful.
  • Do it often – Thanksgiving is a reminder that we should be thankful however what if Thanksgiving was just another day that we are thankful…instead of being the only day we actually express it?

At one time when my daughter was away at college, I couldn’t always reach her on the phone, so I kept a picture of her in my Bible. When it came time to give blessings, I would hold up the picture, and pray blessing to the photo.

At first, I asked the Lord to show me if that would really work. I had nothing to lose, so I tried it. The following day, my daughter called me and asked me what I had been praying for her because she felt a strong pull towards God like she never felt before. This was a confirmation to me THAT IT WORKS!!!

When I was able to reach my daughter on her cell phone, I gave blessings to her over the phone. It is as meaningful as if it is eye-to-eye, but the power of God’s blessing over your child is very important. God blessed Abraham’s seed. Therefore God blessed His children… why shouldn’t we bless ours?

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