How to Do a Word Study

I want to share with you what I have learned about doing a Word study. The curriculum we use, Student of the Word, we do Word studies and believe when I tell you its more than just running to the dictionary to look up the definition of the word in question.

God’s Word is the center of learning. Word study is the tool that places the student on the highway of insightful wisdom and interpretation.

Here are the steps to do a Word Study:

1. Define the word by using the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.

2. Define key words within the definition of the word found in step 1.

3. Look up and record any relevant Scripture that use the assigned word in a Bible Concordance. Bible Gateway has the ideal online keyword search.

4. Write out own definition of the assigned word by relating it to your life.

5. Reason out Biblical principles from the study of the assigned word.
At first, I will say that step five was the hardest to do!

“How can I reason out when I felt inferior in knowing Biblical principles?”

“You know, how am I to know if it’s right?”

These were some of the questions that went through my mind in the beginning. However, I quickly learned that steps four and five sometimes happens at the same time. I also learned that reasoning out Biblical truths and identify them in the form of principles based upon the relevant Scriptures we looked up. The reasoning builds upon truth already researched.
Word Study Notebook Page

(I am difficulty in uploading my notebook pages to HSLaunch page) Please come back later for this FREE Notebook Page)

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