Manners – Teaching to my children?

Someone is searching for the answer to that very question!

It is NEVER too late to teach manners!
It is NEVER to early to teach them either!

In fact, I am learning manners along side with my daughter. After all, children are a mirror of their parents. The child learns from your actions NOT by your words.

Do you remember the old saying?
“Tell me and I will soon forget,
show me and I may remember,
let me try and I will understand”

If you have been around children long enough, you know that this rings to be true!

Here are ways that can help you teach your children about manners.

1. Be the example. It is not right to expect something from your kids that you aren’t willing to do yourself. Remember, your kids model the behavior you do, NOt the words you say.

2. Teach manners in stages. Teach them according to what they can understand. You wouldn’t want to teach a 4-year-old how to answer the phone but you can show him to chew with his mouth closed. Just make sure your child and understand the reasoning behind the rule before expecting him to do it.

3. Start teaching these phrases as early as possible around your child and encourage them to do the same. Phrases such as:
“Please” when they want something,
“Thank you” when they received something,
“May I?” when you forming a question,
and “I am sorry” when others are hurt or offended.

4. The kids will copy the language that you use and the way you talk. This is the time to check yourself. It is always hard to look at yourself, but this is the time to ask God to show what He sees and manners your child needs to learn, and He is faithful to show you.

5. Ask your children address the adults with a degree of formality, unless the adults say otherwise. Address the adults as Mrs. Diamond, Ms. Tena or Mr. Doe.

6. Teach the basics on how to shake hands, show respect to your elders, behaving quiet in public (especially in church service), and to avoid interrupting conversations.

7. Do not ignore bad behavior or wait to deal with it. As soon as the rule is broken, address it immediately.

8. In private, bring up the bad behavior again. Discuss it more thoroughly so the child understands how to behave in the future.

9. When your child shows good manners and great behavior, praise him for it!!

Majority of these manners will be expounded on as my daughter and I will be learning these. Won’t you join us?

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