Home School or Home Educate?

Work homeschooling into your home life. Some parents find it fun to “play” school with the younger children who thought they wanted to go to school. But to put a school into your home, rather than attaining the mindset of educating your children daily, you will be missing a blessing, you may burnout, and you may create an atmosphere for failure.

It will be VERY difficult to begin to educate your children in your home, if your house and/or home is out of order. If you live without any routine, you will become exasperated and your children will become confused and even more unruly. In addition, when you spread yourself or your children too thin, you will find yourself giving up. This is not God’s way. God is a God of order. God has a consistent routine. The sun comes up in the east and goes down in the west at the same time every day! Give your children that same kind of consistency in your home to create security. God is a God of peace and of waiting. Rushing is of the enemy since it is his goal to “shall persecute the saints of the Most High.” (Dan. 7:25).

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