Kick santa OUT and invite Jesus IN… our journey over the years

Our Christmas traditions changed when I realized that I had been deceiving my children… expecting them to have the trait of “truth” when I had lied and deceived them so many years of trying to cover up the Santa fantasy. Kids mimic what they see, not what they are told. It is the same thing as telling you child to tell the caller that you aren’t home while you are standing in the kitchen. All that hard work of trying to teach them correctly and all of a sudden it is gone… done the drain… we reap, what we sow!

I have to say 6 years ago this season, I openly confessed to my children my sin and asked them for their forgiveness. My oldest (now 21) already new the truth but enjoyed “reliving” the fantasy… but my now 12 year old didn’t know. I had sat her down and explained to her first what traditions were and what were fantasies. I told her of a story that when I was a little girl I believed in something for many years and when I found out the truth it hurt me. It scarred me because how could I ever trust this person again… as a child it was hard to forgive. I told her that I loved her so much that I never wanted to do that to her. Then, I told her there was no santa. I asked for her forgiveness for lying to her and trying to deceive her when God gave her to me to love, not to deceive.

I did show her and explained to her the difference between santa and Jesus. (click here) I simply asked her which gifts did she really want…. she told me Jesus!

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