Ways That Anger Gets Provoked in Our Children

It is very important to understand ways anger is provoked within our children. Once we understand and apply these Biblical principles into our own situations, then life will change for the better.

I do not profess to know what I am doing, but I do profess that I have “been there, done that” with this issue. I am sharing with you many of the things I learned while the Lord was dealing with the Anger in our home.

We had so much anger that it tore our relationship up between my daughter and I. However, God has restored our relationship, and we are working on an ever so sweet relationship between mom and daughter. Our restored relationship is for God’s glory, not ours! Praise be to Him! Glory!!!

There will be more “ways that anger gets provoked” articles posted in the beginning of 2009. Please check back then.

Anger Provoked By Modeling Anger

Anger Provoked By NOT Having Marital Harmony

Anger Provoked By Consistently Being Disciplined in Anger

Anger Provoked By Having Inconsistent Discipline

Anger Provoked By Having Double Standards

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