What does the Bible say about "FRIENDS"?

~I written this article that was published in the “Encourager” under the title of “Chose Your Friends Carefully.” For this blog, I have split the article into blog post for easier reading.

What does the Bible say about “FRIENDS”?

For those of you who have really entered into a new and surrendered walk with the Lord where God is now leading and directing your life in the direction that He wants it to go in – one of the first things that you will find happening is that God will start to prune out the people that He does not want in your life and start to bring in the people that He does want in your life.

Through Scripture, we are told to chose our friends carefully that who walks with wise people will become wise himself, but those who keep bad company with fools will be destroyed. The Bible also tells us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers that we are to stay away from people who cause division and offenses, and to withdraw from every brother who walks disorderly. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t work with the people who need to find God and His message of eternal salvation. But when Jesus after sinners, it was always for the purpose of getting them saved or cleaned up.

Jesus didn’t chase after everyone. Some people are open to be helped, while others are not. The Bible tells us to stay away from people who are considered to be “dogs” and to beware of those who are “evil workers.”

Once you come into a full surrender, the Lord will begin to set boundary lines. He will now decide the path that you will now follow in Him. He will now be leading you into the specific jobs that He will want you to have. If you are single and have not married yet, He will lead you to the mate that He will want you to marry if it is in His will for your life that you get married.

And once those boundary lines start to go up – one of the first things that God will do is decide who is going to be coming into those boundary lines and who will be going out. In other words – God will be deciding who your true friends are going to be in this life and who will not.

The main reason God will be helping you to choose who your true friends are going to be in this life is because His ultimate and highest aim for you is to transform and sanctify you. In other words – He wants you to spiritually grow and mature in your walk with Him. The Bible tells us that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds. God’s ultimate aim for us is our sanctification – where He starts to begin to transform us into the express image of His Son Jesus Christ.

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