What does the Bible say about “FRIENDS”? – Part 2

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God will start to remove the friends in your life that He doesn’t want you to have because they may have a negative influence in your life. They may not be open to growing and maturing in the Lord like you will be, and all they will do is to try and hold you back from starting you own spiritual journey and growth in the Lord. They will begin to criticize and make fun of you and all they will end up doing is stunting your growth with the Lord.

God will not put up with this therefore He will be taking all of these bad influences out of your life very early on once you enter into this surrendered walk with Him. For those of you who are married and have children – it is the same thing when you do not want your children hanging out with other children who you know would be a bad and negative influence on your child.

You know that if your children start hanging out with the wrong type of crowd, they can become very easily corrupted in a very short period of time. As a result, you will become very protective on who your children will be choosing to be their friends once they become old enough to start choosing who their friends are going to be.

It is the exact same way with God the Father! This is why God will be moving very early on to take out these negative influences in your life. Once this starts to happen – you have to go with the program or you could cause God to start pulling back on you. And once that starts to happen, you could start to backslide and everything could start to shut down.

If you will allow God to prune out the people that He does not want you to have in your life – then what He will start to do is to bring in the people that He will want to have in your life. I call these types of friends “God-friends.” These people will be other godly, Spirit-filled Christians who are truly walking in good stead with the Lord and they will now be the people that He will want you to share your walk with!

You will need good solid Christian friends in your life to help you grow in the Lord. The Bible tells us that we can only “know in part.” No one has all of the answers to everything. By sharing your walk with other good solid Christian friends – you can each help each other out in your pursuit of the knowledge and ways of God.

You will know some things about God they may not know and they will know some things that you may not know. You thus are able to contribute to each other’s storehouse of knowledge in the Lord.

By having a good SOLID Christian to share your journey with, your spiritual growth and development will begin to accelerate in the Lord because you will have more than one source in which to feed and learn from. You will be learning about God from your personal adventures and experiences with Him, while you are learning from your other friends’ personal journey with Him as well. The verse “iron sharpens iron” rings true when two solid Christian friends can also have the same type of positive effect on one another by sharing their own personal walks in the Lord with one other.

Allow God to decide the number of God-friends in your life. Some may only get one or two, while others will have many more. Let God decide when, where and how many God-friends you need for your spiritual journey you are on. I have learned that it is not about quantity, but about quality that you have. You will be much better off with one or two good, solid friends rather than 10 or 15 that aren’t so good.

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