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We are ending our 4-H year and we are compiling all the different projects that Victoria will be submitting this year. She has over 15 projects we are putting together. Needless to say, I can’t find my kitchen table….. and most of my floor! lol.

We are taking a poll as to which pictures to submit into the 4-H fair. We are allowed to submit 6 items per project. One of those items for Photography, Victoria is making a timeline of cameras. It was really interesting to see the progression over the years.

Here are the photos that Victoria is considering submitting into the fair. Remember she can only submit five, so help her pick the best ones!

Choice “A

Choice “B

Choice “C

Choice “D

Choice “E

Choice “F

Choice “G

There’s your choices…. hard to pick huh? Leave your votes in the comment section below, and thanks for participating and helping Victoria!

Check it out…. in “Choice F” above you can actually see the gnats on his nose!


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14 Responses to Picture Poll

  1. My favorite are a, b, c, d, and f…. the ultimate one is choice “c”!!

  2. Will S says:

    C, A, B, D and F. C is very cute. Did Tori have to sneak up on it to get it?

    • It does look like she did… but I have a zoom lens that is super duper!

      We was riding in a boat and saw the turtles, she was only about 20 feet away. From the boat, she also took an awesome shot of giraffes. One of them was laying down so graceful like, but the shading of the tree made it to dark.

      The lion, well I believe she was on a “viewing post” and captured that one.

      For the meerkat, that pic was accident! She held the camera over the wall at the zoo and click-click-click. She took about 40 pictures of them and this one was the best!

      The camels was hilarious! The one she captured was really close to the fence. Then the other two camels were in the background playing leap frog. lol.

  3. Ester Packer says:

    A, B, C, E, and F. I like F the most. Good luck!

  4. Rozanna Eckstein says:

    I absolutely love D!

  5. Traci says:

    like B – F…B is my favorite!

  6. Athena says:

    A,B,C,D,F are the ones I think are great! You did an awesome job Tori!!

  7. Kyle says:

    favorites: A, D

  8. Colin says:

    favorites: e &f

  9. Kyle says:

    favorite: A & D

  10. Peter says:

    favorites: a & c

  11. Kercher's says:

    Peter: a & c
    Colin: e or f
    Kyle: a & d
    Lynne: a & f

    Great shots, Victoria!

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