A Day With the Vet

For 4-H Vet Science this year, Victoria decided to “follow a Vet”…. the one vet who came up with the idea, never returned our emails so she contacted the local Animal Hospital. We had to take our dog into an emergency visit and while we were their, she asked about volunteering. They said they do not allow volunteers but they do allow teenagers to come follow the vet.

Victoria went and “followed” a vet at the local Animal Hospital one morning. They had one surgery scheduled for a tooth extraction on a dog. Well come to find out while she was their, one dog came in for a nurtured and another one came in for a knee surgery. She sat through ALL three surgeries and didn’t squirm a bit! While she was took various movies and many pictures.

When I picked her up, she had the biggest smile on her face! It was something to see. She told mom, I have the stomach to be a Marine Biologist! I said, “Why you say that?” She goes well mom, they said if I could stomach what I saw today I wouldn’t have any problems working with animals. The other girl that was their turned white and had to leave the room….

Here are some pics that she took:

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