4-H Genealogy

Missouri does not have a “genealogy” so this was submitted under the “self-determined” category.

This will be Victoria’s second year in Genealogy. She had to research her parents, grand parents, and great grandparents.

Self Determined (My Family Tree): CHAMPION – Selected for State Fair

Judges Comments: You put a lot of hard work in this!

I have to say it was HARD work too!! LOL. Actually on her grandparents on her dads’ side, knew nothing about their moms. Actually one of them died very young with a disease while the other was divorced and ran off and changed her name…. she (ok me, too) interviewed estranged  family members more than once, on some occasions, three times to verify we had the information correct. I did do some research on Ancestry.com for Census records but that is ALL I found on those two ladies. You know, it is like they never had a family…. no parents on one side, and no mom on the other. I now realize how important keeping a family tree really is.

The templates we used came from the Indiana 4-H Geneaolgy program as Missouri did not have their own. Here are the templates we used for the 4-H Genealogy.

Notebook Cover Page

Information Worksheets

Diary of Work

Pedigree Charts

Family Group Sheets

To know more about how to put the Genealogy Notebook together, click here.

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