Our 4-H Year

This 4-H year has come to a close. My daughter has taken her items into the fair and spoke to each of the judges. I am making a different post for each project she submitted along with judges comments. Hopefully this will help someone searching for 4-H help in the future.

She didn’t complete two items that she wanted to do. It was her Life in the Sea project. She done the research but  wanted to set up a salt water tank (with no water) and explain how to do it. But the book clearly says that “educational displays” can only be 11 x 14 x 12, or something like that. Well, the 10 gallon tank we had to use did not fit into those dimensions. Well, we show up last night and kids there had a very large items, larger than the dimensions and they were being allowed to submit them. When Tori saw it and asked the leader, her comments were…. “Well, why didn’t you call me? I would’ve told you that you could.” The club even had a meeting about projects and only thing mentioned was the specific size and how items had to be that size or smaller or couldn’t submit them. A lesson learned….. ask more specific questions.

The other project she researched and didn’t turn anything in for the fair was her geology display box. She just didn’t understand “HOW TO” attach them and then the labeling thing was really over our heads. I just think she was extremely worn out to put the box together. However, I am still going to have her put the box together, just for personal use. She needs to learn to completion of projects is a good thing. Besides, she worked really hard this year in several digs and fossil hunts. She has many, many to display.

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