Through the Years Camera Timeline

For photography this year, Victoria actually researched the history of the camera and created her own timeline. These are the dates and events she chose to use on her timeline:

1826- Joseph nie’pce  invents the first camera that uses medal.

1839- Louis Daguerre inverts  Daguerreotypes.

1839- William Talbot prints photos on paper.

1841- Talbot makes multiple images from a single negative.

1884- George Eastman invents film on a roll.

1888- Kodak cameras for sale made by George Eastman.

1900- The Mammoth camera was invented. To take picture of Big events

1924- Oskar Barnack’s 35 millimeter camera is for sale.

1930- Flash camera was invented

1935- Color film was invented.

1947-  Edwin Land invents the Polaroid instant  camera.

1975- Digital camera is invented.

1991- Digital camera is for sale.

2000- camera phone is invented in Japan.

2005- Pill camera is first used.

(Click for a closer look)

She took FIRST place (Blue ribbon).

One of the most memorable cameras that Victoria research was the “Mammoth” camera invented in the 1900’s. The camera was about the size of a room. The camera was first invented to take the first picture of the first train. The original camera was not big enough to take the picture…. or maybe the train was too large, lol.

Another camera that Victoria liked was the “Pill Camera.” That camera is swallowed by patiences so the doctors can view the inside of a person.

Very interesting as well!

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