You Have Not Because You Ask Not!

I was speaking to someone online, through emails that I had met through E-bay. She was selling IBLP/ATI materials and I was buying. I sent her question, and she responded that she had the items I was looking for and was asking about $10 per set (Parent Guide and Student Worktext).

I ponder about this because it just seemed too steep. Then, I heard “you have not because you ask not….” Ladies, that is only paraphrase a verse in James, and in fact I don’t think you can even apply that Scripture to this situation but that is what I heard.

I replied back saying that it seemed to be too much for me at the time, being a single mom, and asked if she would speak to her husband and pray about negotiating the price for 12 sets (24 books).

She soon replied back telling me that her husband and she would send the books to me and what other resources I would need. The one thing they asked was for me to pray about an amount to send to them and they would be very happy with whatever I would send to them.


Over the next couple of days, I prayed what to give…. I kept hearing $300. Honestly the amount is more than the books would cost if I bought them outright but get this…. Over a course of 10 days of emailing back and forth about our lives and our walk with the Lord, just encouraging one another, she asked me to pray that they would get $320 to for another year of membership to continue with ATI.

Only MY God can do something like this!

But that is not all! I told them I could pay them the first of next month, and the Lord has suprisingly giving me the money to bless this family as they have so freely sowed into my family! I keep hearing….

Do not say to your neighbor, “Go, and come back, And tomorrow I will give it,” When you have it with you.” Proverbs 3:28.

An offering has been sent!

Isn’t God wonderful! He is simply amazing, if we step out of the way and let Him do it for us!

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