4-H Vet Science

This was Victoria’s first year in Vet Science. She attend one trip with the group to the Vet’s office where they learned about cats and view a video about fleas.

FLEAS: Second Place (Red Ribbon)

Judges Comments: Do better research next time. Your information is incorrect. Also, you should mention how to get rid of them and talk about the damages that fleas cause.

Big Cats Book: First Place (Blue Ribbon)

No comments.

For this project, I created notebook pages and she filled them out herself! She done and awesome job! For the front notebook cover, she took black paper and tore them into stripes and glued them onto an orange paper…. making the tiger effect. Very cool effect!

Vet Collage:

Judges Comments: Should add names  to identify people in pictures.

(My daughter failed to tell them that this actually belongs in a picture frame to be hung on a wall and not a scrapbook page.)

To learn about her day at the Animal Hospital, click here.

Kitten Gift Basket: Accidently Left Project at Home…..

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