Gift Basket Supplies

Having basic basket supply in mind when you go shopping, can the make the process of making a “Gift Basket” much  easier.

The Basic Gift Basket Supply List:

  • Gift Basket or other containers
  • Filler
  • Wrap
  • Ribbons and Bows
  • Gift Card


Gift Basket Containers can range from various sizes, shapes, and colors. You can choose from wicker baskets, plastic buckets, wood crates, paint buckets, photo boxes, etc… The more you have on hand, the more of a choice you will have in finding the perfect match for the items to be placed inside. You can also use nested gift boxes. Those are the smaller boxes that fit into bigger boxes. Those are very handy to have as well.

Gift Bags can be from flat to glossy gift bags, muslin, netting, metallic bags, plastic bags, etc…  The muslin would add to the natural look for Easter, Mother’s Day, Spring gifts, etc…


Filler items can be tissue paper, shreds, straw, material, etc… The most common filler is tissue paper. It comes in a variety of colors. By crumpling up tissue paper and placing at the bottom of the basket can help to elevate the contents of the baskets for better viewing. Another common filler is shredded paper.

Shredded paper comes in a variety such as paper, cellophane, color grass, or even tissue paper. The color grass is used most often in Easter baskets and spring baskets along with the metallic or the cellophane shreds is ideally used for birthday gift baskets.

Another filler option is straw. This can be used for more of the rustic themes such as fall holidays. Material filler such as a baby blanket would be great for a new baby theme.


Cellophane is most commonly used as gift basket wrapping. The transparency of the wrap allows the contents to be viewed as well keeping out moisture from the contents. Cellophane comes in a variety of prints such as holidays, weddings, birthdays, etc… Cellophane can also be sold in rolls or in smaller packages.

Shrink wrap is a transparent film that wraps/shrinks around the basket with the use of a hair dryer. Shrink wrap does come in a variety of colors.

TIP: Make sure the wrap you use if FDA approved to be used for food.


For the ribbons or bows, there is a wide variety to chose from. From texture, colors, prints, and sizes. Curly ribbon and satin ribbon is most popular. Raffia works just as well and looks great with the straw filler and a box basket for a rustic theme. With the ribbon, tying a simply pull bow makes it easy and looks nice. Using a wire trimmed ribbon will keep its shape easier.

Making you own bows is very inexpensive. You can purchase a Bow Maker from Michael’s or JoAnn’s Fabric from less than $20. In fact I picked mine up with $5 by using a 50%  off couple at Michael’s.


The most common size of gift cards is used would be about 3 1/2 x 2 inches. You can purchase from Christmas, birthdays, etc… but buying blank gift cards in bulk wold be more cost effective.

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