Gift Baskets

One item that Victoria wanted to submit to the “Foods” section in 4-H was a food basket. This got us onto a journey of making out own gift baskets.

We went to a local thrift store and found baskets (approx 12×12) and one larger (approx 15×20) for anywhere from $.49 to $1.99 each. Then we went to the Dollar Tree and found the shredded paper to put as fillers along with the clear shrink wrap for $1 each. You can also pick up a curly ribbon from Dollar Tree for a $1 or you can simply make your own bows.

The one kind of wrapper we found was the “shrink” kind. You simply put the basket into plastic bag and use a hair dryer to shrink the bag to form around the basket. It makes for a better basket.

For about $5, you have the makings of a really nice gift basket.

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