New Kitten Gift Basket

My daughter made this as a project for 4-H Vet Science. This basket is ideal for those just getting a new kitten. The local vet clinic does a lot kitten/cat adoptions. After the 4-H fair, this basket will be donated to the next person adopting a cat/kitten from the vet clinic.

This New Cat/Kitten Arrival Gift Basket includes a scooper, hairball remedy, several toys (bell in ball, three mice, four puffy balls), two pet dishes, 6 cans of moist food, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, lint roller and a kitten collar.

Also included is a two page (front and back of one sheet) pamphlet on bringing home a new kitten. Here is the New Kitten Pamphlet that Victoria created.

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