Oral Reading Skills

Look for the following skills when your child is reading orally:

Accuracy: pronouncing words and reading sentences correctly.

Pronunciation: saying the words clearly, not mumbled. Some students will need to slow down to accomplish this.

Smoothness: reading by phrases rather than word by word; no pauses unless called by punctuation.

Alertness to punctuation: stopping at a period, pausing at commas. The voice should drop at a period, rise at a question mark, and show excitement in an exclamatory sentence.

Expression: having good voice infection to make a story interesting and realistic.

Comprehension: showing by expression and ability to answer questions a good understanding of the selection being read.

Volume: reading loudly enough to be heard clearly. Posture will help; such as holding the book away from the face and keeping head up.

Speed: reading at a speed that allows accuracy, smoothness, and expression.

Poise: having confidence in reading and speaking before others.

Click here for Oral Reading Rubric to use as criteria for recording progress through the school year.

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