EZ Grade Calculator

As a teacher, rather home school or public school, grading papers can become a daunting task after a while. However, there is a tool that is very simple to use and can save you loads of time! It’s an EZ Grade Calculator!

Years ago, I owned one and it was the best thing, until mine came up missing! I was so bewildered at what could’ve happened to it. I went to the local teacher store, and couldn’t find it! I went online, and well simply put I couldn’t wait days for another to arrive so I sat out to make my own.

Here is how to use my EZ Grade Calculator:

Step One: Calculate the possible points available for the assignment. For this example, we will say there are a total 30 possible points. Locate “30” across the top row.

Step Two: Count how many points the student missed. For this example, the student missed 4 points. Locate “4” down the left-hand column.

Step Three: Find the percentage by locating the cell where the “possible points” and the “student missed” meet and you will have your percentage. For tis example, the student would get an 87%.

It is that E-Z!!

Click to download your free copy of EZ Grade Calculator today!!

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