Ebay Store

Hello everyone,

I wanted to invite you over to my Ebay store. I opened up one. It was that time of year again. It is cheaper to have a store, when you have many items to post. This time of year, summertime is when I start cleaning off my homeschool bookshelves.

This year I am doing “extra” cleaning off my bookshelves since my daughter is entering High School this year. I am still homeschooling through the High School years, but DK and Eyewitness books aren’t in the Scope & Sequence, if you know what I mean, lol. I love these books, as my daughter does! She is a visual person so those books really helped her.

For now, scoot on over to my Ebay store. If you find something you like, and you think my prices are too high, make me an offer…

GodsGem4Life Ebay Store

See you there!

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